Friday, September 9, 2011


I wrote this poem, or should I say the poem forced its way out of my heart when I was stationed in US for a long period and was sorely missing home on the eve of Diwali Rajiv Krishna Saxena


Ek bhi aansu na kar bekar

Here is a famous poem by Ram Avtaar Tyagi. One has to strive constantly because the moment of success can come just at any time. I especially like the last stanza “our own two feet take us to our destination, there is no use unnecessarily pleading with the path”. Rajiv Krishna Saxena. 

Jindgani Mana Hi Leti Hai

In life we often face defeat, dejection and frustration. Redeeming feature however is that we rebound, and the life goes on. Here is a lovely poem of Bal Swaroop Rahi, depicting this fact. Rajiv Krishna Saxena


Aaj Ki Raat Bahut Garm Hawa Chalti Hai

Who wants to sleep on the footpath? Yet out of sheer helplessness, millions do. On a hot summer night, how uncomfortable and frustrating it should be to sleep on stones and gravel. This precious poem by Kaifi Azmi captures the frustration and its essence. It traces human evolution from animals to civilized societies. But after all this evolution, labourers who toil in the day and make beautiful palaces are forced to sleep on the footpath in night. Only if some magic happened and a window bringing in cool breeze, opened in the stifling wall… a metaphor for the cruel and heartless society… Rajiv Krishna Saxena


Suraj Doob Chuka Hai

In youth we remain so busy in making careers, building houses, raising children, living a life etc. There is no spare time. Later in life when children have grown and left and career considerations dwindled, there is suddenly nothing much left to do and that motivation to “achieve” dwindles. A strange kind of boredom may creep upon and grab a person. Ajit Kumar’s poem describes these feelings beautifully. Rajiv Krishna Saxena

Main Hridaya Ki Baat Re Man

In times of deep distress and depression, a ray of hope and optimism suddenly emerges in mind. This poem is dedicated to that optimism. Check out the lovely Anupras Alankar in the last line; five words starting with the letter “M”. Rajiv Krishna Saxena 


Peer Meri

We have problems with our life that sadden us. However, if we see others who have far bigger problems, we realize that our problems are not that big after all! Here is an old classic from Virendra Mishra. Please read the poem loudly and slowly, to really enjoy it. Rajiv Krishna Saxena